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Lumiere & Cogsworth

  • Lumiere & Cogsworth
  • Lumiere & Cogsworth
  • Lumiere & Cogsworth

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  • NameLumiere & Cogsworth
  • AgeUnknown
  • GenderMale
  • BreedGerbil
  • Reference333273
  • LocationHighlands & Islands

Lumiere and Cogsworth are a bonded pair who came into our care through no fault of their own and are now looking for a forever home.

They are fairly well socialised so will happily come out of their nest to watch the world go by and these two especially are very fond of the occasional treat.

Anyone looking to rehome these boys must be willing to spend the time with them so that they can become even more confident around people as they can have the occasional nervous moment.

As with all gerbils Lumiere and Cogsworth will need a large gerbilarium to spend their day digging and playing in so that they don’t get bored.


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