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  • Savannah

My Profile

  • NameSavannah
  • Age5 years
  • GenderFemale
  • BreedDomestic Short Hair
  • Reference333182
  • LocationLanarkshire

Savannah has been in our care for quite some time now and is still finding it a little difficult to settle in with us.

She tends to spend most of the day in bed but sometimes will venture down to her bottom run and come up to the bars meowing for attention. When you first enter her section she will come over to see if you have food, she is very food orientated!

If not, she soon turns and goes back up her ramp into bed. Quick movements and loud noises frighten her a little so the getting to know you process has to be taken slowly at her own pace to help her become more confident around you.

Savannah prefers to keep all four paws on the ground when talking to you and prefers to sleep on her scratch post or bed.

This sassy lady has bundles of love to give to the right owner so we feel an adult only home with no other animals would suit her perfectly.


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