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  • Benjamin

My Profile

  • NameBenjamin
  • Age2-3 years
  • GenderMale
  • BreedCrossbreed
  • Reference332738
  • LocationLanarkshire

Benjamin came into our care after being found straying and unfortunately nobody has come forward to claim him.

He is a curious wee guy who enjoys being able to see what is going on around him, he spends most of his time sitting on his scratching post watching the world go by.

Benjamin will come to the front of his run to see you as you walk by but tends to shy away when you enter his run.

He can be lifted up and will settle in your arms pretty quickly but seems to prefer to keep all four feet on the ground. Benjamin loves his leafy greens and can’t wait to get fed in the mornings.

Benjamin would best suit a quiet household where he can be given the time to come out of his shell.

Like all rabbits, he will require a large secure enclosure to spend his time in when he isn’t out and about getting attention.


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