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Badger, Delia & Yara

  • Badger, Delia & Yara

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  • NameBadger, Delia & Yara
  • Age3 months
  • GenderFemale
  • BreedCrossbreed
  • Reference331804
  • LocationAberdeenshire

Badger, Delia and Yara were born stray and brought to the centre at a couple of days old.

They have had a good amount of socialisation so will need someone who is willing to continue working with them to get used to handling and living in a home environment.

They’ll happily come running over to the door when they see someone coming and will do anything for food.

As they’re only young we would prefer to rehome them as pairs however it will be up to any potential owner to neuter them when they come of age to continue a happy relationship. Pending a successful introduction they could also be rehomed with another adult rabbit.

Due to the time of year anyone looking to rehome them will need to be willing to keep them as indoor rabbits for at least the winter months.


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