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  • Bouncer

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  • NameBouncer
  • Age1 year
  • GenderMale
  • BreedStaffordshire Bull Terrier (cross)
  • Reference330967
  • LocationAberdeenshire

Bouncer is a very special dog who arrived in our care through no fault of his own.

Bouncer, as you can guess from his name, is a very bouncy and active dog! He likes to jump up a lot however he is starting to come on with his training and learn that four paws on the floor is also a good thing.

He has had a pretty sheltered life so we feel that he is in need of a very understanding family who have previous experiences with the breed. What he needs most other than a care-free home is one where he will be given lots of time and patience to adjust to the world.

Once you gain his trust, he will be a very loyal partner in crime with the best rewards.

Bouncer will need a secure garden and a home without small animals or children.

He may be able to be re-homed with the right dog all going well with introductions here at the centre.


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