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Poor Honey came to be with us after being cruelly tried to a tree and abandoned.

Honey is an amazing wee dog but has strong trust issues. After being abandoned and going through who knows what else we can't really blame her.

She is a timid little lady, who is very wary of new people and new situations but once you have won her trust she is an amazing girl who really just wants to be loved and kept safe.

Honey is going to need an adult only home with someone who has experience dealing with very nervous dogs. She will need to learn to trust in humans again and be shown that the world is a better place than the experiences she has already had with it.

In the right home we are sure Honey will make a family complete, but we can't stress enough that she needs a home with a lot of experience.

Honey is looking for a quiet home, a fully enclosed garden that can be her safe haven to wonder about in and also be used to further her basic training.

She would also love a nice big soft bed to curl up in while she dreams the night away.

If you have the experience and place in your heart to offer Honey the forever home she so desperately deserves, please get in touch with our Edinburgh and Lothian centre.


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