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My Profile

  • NameKai
  • Age1 year
  • GenderMale
  • BreedBorder Collie (cross)
  • Reference329364
  • LocationLanarkshire

Kai pretends to act shy in his kennel but soon changes his ways when he is out and about.

Out on his walks Kai can be quite strong on his lead but seems to be responding well to his harness.

He loves getting off his lead in our exercise area and will play fetch but has not quite mastered the whole bringing-the-toy-back part.

Kai will sit and give a paw but he always expects a treat or two in return! After some play time Kai will come up for cuddles and a little back massage, which he LOVES.

After a nice walk Kai likes to snuggle up in bed. He is looking for a home where his owner will be in most of the day as he does not like to be left alone. He would also be suited as a second canine companion although he is not suited to a home with cats.


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