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Arthur came to be with us through no fault of his own.

Before arriving with us Arthur had been used to free roaming in the grounds of a hotel with his mum Brea, where they were well known by the tourists who would give them treats! They were even known to try and use the hotel foyer as a shelter from the elements as it had an automatic door! Arthur however, being a cheeky youngster even took it one step further and invited himself onto a tour buss to beg for treats!

Arthur was weaned from his mum and gelded when he first arrived, but they are back together now and are currently turned out with one other pony. He lives out 24/7 with access to a large field shelter. He is however equally happy to be stabled.

Arthur is an adorable wee lad who makes everyone say awww, as he is just a dinky little pony with an amazing, fluffy winter coat.

He can be cheeky and get overly excited at times and have a little buck to himself but he is generally well behaved and leads nicely. He can be a bit food orientated and will guard a feed bucket, but at the moment he lives on air and grass so this hasn't been an issue.

Arthur stands nicely for the vet and the farrier and has shown he is a quick learner!

For more information about this little lad please contact our Edinburgh and Lothians centre.


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