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  • Gary
  • Gary

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  • NameGary
  • Age4-5 years
  • GenderMale
  • BreedStaffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Reference326644
  • LocationLanarkshire

Gary has been in our care for quite some time now, when he arrived at the centre he had a badly injured leg which after considerable vet care unfortunately had to be removed.

He is a very happy energetic young chap and only having 3 legs does not slow him down. He is always full of beans and loves going out for his walks.

This clever boy is very clean in his kennel which would indicate to us that he is house trained. Gary loves to play with his toys but can be a little destructive with them, so would be best with some tough wearing staffie proof toys.

Gary is looking for an adult only, single pet household with an experienced owner who can continue with constant training and socialisation around other dogs.

Gary has not had the best start in life and struggled with how to behave around other dogs, over the past few months this has improved here in the centre but continuous socialisation is the key. Gary must wear a muzzle whilst out walking.


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