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Harry is a lovely Welsh pony who came into our care through no fault of his own.

Harry has been with us for quite some time now and during his stay he has come on leaps and bounds. When he first arrived he was severely overweight and sore on his feet, once he started to feel better he started showing his true nature. He was very shy and wary of new situations or anything out of his normal routine and proved to be rather difficult to catch both in his stable and out! He can still have his moments when he's not 100% sure however you will now find him standing at the gate waiting to come in when he knows it's time.

Harry will stand to be groomed all over now and will let you lead him past most things, even opening the electric fence while you lead him, if you knew Harry you would know what an achievement this is for him! He stands nicely for the vet as long as they work quietly with him and he loves a good scratch!

Harry still gets sedated for the farrier however this is something we are working on, he will lift all four feet for staff that he knows, but it does need to be someone he trusts.

Harry will have to go to a companion only home due to him having a soft palate deformity. This is something he has lived with his whole life and it doesn't seem to affect him badly. Before going to his new home we would have our vet discuss this thoroughly with his new owner. We have been told it is quite a common deformity and alot of horses live with it without the owners ever being aware.

Harry really is a sweet wee pony who thrives on routine. At the moment he is living out with two mares over night and coming in during the day. He is happy to be both out and stabled and has been turned out with both mares and geldings from Shetlands to Highlands.

If you think you could offer Handsome Harry a home, please get in touch with our Edinburgh and Lothians centre where we would be happy to talk to you about him and organise for you to meet him!

P.S. This wee cutie is a favourite with everyone who meets him!


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