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  • Doyle
  • Doyle

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  • NameDoyle
  • Age9 years
  • GenderMale
  • BreedBulldog (cross)
  • Reference286576
  • LocationAberdeenshire

Doyle is now ready to find his forever home after arriving in our care through no fault of his own.

Doyle has so much love to give and is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. He is only the size he is to accommodate for the size of his heart! He wants to be loved as much as he will love you!

Unfortunately Doyle does suffer from kidney problems however this is easily managed with a special diet and in no way hinders him from enjoying life to the fullest.

Adventures followed by huge belly rubs and hugs is what makes Doyle's day worth it.

He is a very social dog and gets on well with others so could be rehomed as a companion subject to several successful introductions here at the centre. A home with no small furries is a must.


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