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  • Deckard
  • Deckard

My Profile

  • NameDeckard
  • Age3-4 years
  • GenderNot Examined
  • BreedCornsnake
  • Reference284367
  • LocationAberdeenshire

Deckard is a young cornsnake who has been in our care for over a year.

He is part of a large group that came in together and we have not had much success in rehoming. We’re not sure why there has been such little interest in these guys, because although they can be a bit wary at times, they are getting better with time and regular handling.

At the moment they are still small so they will need suitable sized accommodation which will need to be replaced as they grow.

We don’t know Deckard’s gender for sure as he has not been probed.

As they have not had the best start in life, we would love these little snakes to go to the best homes possible so ideally we would like to find them owners who already have some experience with snakes.


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