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Name Daisy Location Angus, Fife and Tayside
Age 7 months Sex Female
Breed Foxhound (cross) Colour Tri-Colour
Living with other dogs I may be able to live with other dogs Living with cats I'm not able to live with cats
Living with children I'd prefer to live with adults Reference 377180

Daisy is a playful young dog who is full of fun and mischief! She is on the lookout for an experienced, active new home, where she will get lots of exercise and training.

She is a foxhound cross and we suspect she is going to be quite large. Her new owner MUST have experience of owning scent hounds. She will require further socialising with other dogs and doing plenty of enrichment scent work to keep her brain going. She is very stubborn and mouthy so needs an owner that can put in the training to help her become a model canine companion.

This breed thrives using their nose so she would be a good contender for anyone wishing to take up scent work with their dog or an active sport like canicross. She is only young so will need a patient home with plenty of time to further her training and socialisation.

She is typical of her breed and is very intelligent and stubborn so can become bored and destructive without mental stimulation.

Her new home will need a private garden enclosed by at least 6ft fencing to work on her training and socialisation. She would not suit living in a flat.

Due to her breed she will need a very experienced owner who has had scent hound experience in the past and who has plenty of time and patience to train her. She would be suited to a rural home.

Any owner must be prepared to visit Daisy multiple times before rehoming due to her behaviour and training required.

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Ref: 377180


7 months
Foxhound (cross)
Angus, Fife and Tayside