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Name Rolo Location Ayrshire and South West Scotland
Age 2-3 years Sex Male
Breed Pointer German Wire Haired Colour Liver, White
Living with other dogs I'm not able to live with other dogs Living with cats I'm not able to live with cats
Living with children I'd prefer to live with adults Reference 362148

Rolo is a handsome German wirehaired pointer who is hoping to find his perfect home.

He is an athletic, bold, intelligent and strong willed boy and true to the breed has a high prey drive.

Rolo is affectionate with people and loves to play but can also be suspicious of strangers and it takes him a moment to trust them.

He thrives on vigorous exercise, positive training and lots of love.

Pointers are built to withstand long days working in the field and have boundless energy and Rolo is capable of this and then some. This could prove to be an annoyance in some busy home environments and it could be difficult to keep up with his exercise requirements, which in turn could lead to behavioural problems.

We want to find Rolo a home where his energy levels and intelligence are enjoyed and are seen as a positive trait.

Rolo must have an outlet for his energy and will thrive with plenty of vigorous exercise, training and running. If he were to have a lot of unused energy he would most likely use this amusing himself which could be an undesirable activity such as being destructive.

Nothing gets past Rolo's nose and he has an incredible power of scent, whether it be smelling that squirrel that’s 100 metres out of sight ahead or smelling what you are having for dinner, his nose knows it all.

Training is an absolute necessity for Rolo due to his intelligence and prey drive. He would enjoy doing scent work, man trailing or tracking games.

Rolo's new owner should be assertive, firm and calm and his training should be consistent and by using positive reinforcement. He would not respond well to harsh handling and negative reinforcement.

If Rolo was not to have sufficient exercise and training it would result in him appearing hyperactive and perhaps having destructive tendencies. For these reasons he would not be suitable for an inexperienced dog owner or an inactive household.

Rolo would love a home where his owners enjoyed the great outdoors and who were active enough to keep up with him giving him plenty of daily exercise and mental stimulation. He would make an ideal hill climbing companion.

With him having such a strong sense of smell and having limited recall he would need to be kept on a lead/long line unless he was in a secure garden/paddock.

He is a strong boy on his lead and his new owner would need to be able to manage this and continue with his lead and recall training.

He would not be suitable to go to a home where there were cats, small animals or livestock due to his high prey drive.

Rolo may be suitable to live with another dog pending on a successful introduction.

He would prefer to live in an adult only home or if children would be 12+ and dog savvy.

Rolo is a very loving boy and in the right home he will flourish and become an extremely loyal, rewarding member of the family.

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Ref: 362148


2-3 years
Pointer German Wire Haired
Ayrshire and South West Scotland

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