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Name Winston Location Ayrshire and South West Scotland
Age 1 year Sex Male
Breed Crossbreed Colour Black
Living with other dogs I may be able to live with other dogs Living with cats I'm not able to live with cats
Living with children I'd prefer to live with adults Reference 368145

Winston is a lively young boy who has been with us for some time now but we feel he is now ready to find his forever home.

He came in a troubled and worried young dog who was not very trusting of anyone but has since grown in confidence and after gaining his trust he is now extremely friendly and playful with all the staff at the centre.

Winston, being part Labrador, loves to sniff his way along on his walks and also loves to play fetch with a tennis ball.

He is extremely energetic and just loves to run in general. He can get a bit over excited and jump up but he is getting better with this.

Winston also seems to enjoy the company of other playful dogs but if that dog were to be aloof or threatening then he would would feel uncomfortable.

Although Winston is very friendly and trusting of the staff, it has taken a lot of work to get to that point and he is still very wary of strangers approaching him which may result in him barking and lunging. This is something that will require a lot of work, training and patience to get him over this fear.

Winston's ideal home would be a quiet adult only home where the humans were very active and would enjoy being outdoors and have the time to spend with him, allowing him to burn off all his energy.

A large enclosed garden would be ideal.

Winston would not like to share his home with any cats but another canine friend at home may be okay if they were to have some successful introductions.

He would also require his new owner to have had extensive experience of having a dog with behaviour issues such as nervous aggression.

Winston would not suit an inexperienced owner as you would have to have the knowledge and ability to be able to read his body language so as to know when he was uncomfortable in a situation and know how to resolve his issues.

We would want his new owner to live in close proximity to the rehoming centre in Ayr as we would need to have many introductions to enable Winston to be at ease with his new humans before leaving the centre.

He has had a very poor start in life and this has caused him to be fearful of people, men in particular.

However, we have seen how much he has grown with the staff over the last few months and how affectionate and fun he can be and we feel that in the right home, with the right training, he will be as equally loving and make a great companion.

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Ref: 368145


1 year
Ayrshire and South West Scotland

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