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Name Kai Location Edinburgh and Lothians
Age 3-4 years Sex Male
Breed Rottweiler (cross) Colour Black, Tan
Living with other dogs I'm not able to live with other dogs Living with cats I'm not able to live with cats
Living with children I'd prefer to live with adults Reference 357244

Kai is a beautiful dog with a huge heart who needs someone to help him shine.

When in his kennel Kai gets very worried and anxious if people are walking by and expresses these feelings by kennel guarding quite severely.

Once out of his kennel Kai becomes a completely different dog who just loves affection and cuddles. He would happily spend all day cuddling you and never leaving your side. When he first arrived he was very nervous and worried by everything, it took staff quite a while to build a relationship with him but we are really starting to see him thrive now.

Out of his Kennel Kai loves affection form people once he knows them and he loves to play with his toys. He knows basic commands such as sit, lie down, paw and roll over.

Kai has also proven to be quite the escape artist, he does not like being in his Kennel and will try his hardest to escape out past staff when either going in to get him or returning him after his walk.

We do not know what Kai will be like in a household as we do not have prior history on him, however due to the above combinations of behavior we suspect he could possibly suffer from separation anxiety so new owners would need to be aware of this and be prepared to work through any related issues. New owners should also be prepared to work through and help Kai overcome his kennel guarding issues which could for example reflect onto guarding the front door should the doorbell ring. Again, we do not know what Kai is like in a household these are just things we think could possibly arise and would want owners to be prepared for.

Kai will need a home with their own fully enclosed, Kai-proof garden where there are no easy ways for him to escape.

Kai is not suitable as a first time dog and a new owner will need to be prepared to come to the centre for multiple visits before taking him home. We are looking for an experienced owner with prior experience of working with nervous dogs as new situations can worry him and he will feed off of your emotions.

Kai can not live with children or other animals. He gets on with some other dogs, preferring females to males but feel he would benefit from being the only dog until he has bonded with a new owner and settled into a household's routine.

Despite all of his flaws, Kai is a really sweet, loving dog who will make someone a great companion and be their best friend, it just needs to be the right home to really make this loving lad shine. He is only a young dog and he has so much potential.

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Ref: 357244


3-4 years
Rottweiler (cross)
Edinburgh and Lothians

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