Why we need your help

Sadly, at present, our special investigations unit is inundated with reports of suspected puppy farms and low-welfare breeders.

In 2020 we seized 150 puppies from the low-welfare puppy trade.

Heartbreakingly, many of the puppies we seize pass away before they can find a loving new home due to the poor conditions they've been bred and raised in.

Milo's story

Milo the puppy sadly passed away despite his owner doing everything they could to save him. 

He was in his new home in Lanarkshire for only 24 hours before being rushed to the vet. The vet found that he had been taken from his mum too early and was only four weeks old despite the seller assuring the family he was eight weeks old.

It was also found that Milo was a border collie and not a Jack Russell as had been advertised online. 

Maxi's story

Cockapoo Maxi passed away less than a week after his family purchased him.

He seemed lively when he was first taken home but his condition quickly deteriorated.

A dog which has been identified as his sibling and sold to an unrelated member of the public also became unwell.

Maxi's appalling health was consistent with being bred on a puppy farm. He was also less than eight weeks old, meaning he was too young to be removed from his mother, let alone sold.

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Misery for abandoned pets this Christmas

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Newborn puppies dumped in park

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£10 can provide puppy milk for puppies who need to be hand-reared by our team. 

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