Education workshops

We have so much to offer when it comes to animal welfare education. Download our information flyer here:


Book a free workshop

Our 2020 free workshops are available to book. 

If you are a teacher check out what we are offering using the links on your right. If you are a parent or carer encourage your child’s school to take part, after all it’s free unique experience and it fits great with STEM. And if you are a child reading this then just think about the robots, games and videos - what more could you want?

Curriculum for Excellence

Did you know our workshops tie in with many areas of the Curriculum for Excellence? We want all pupils to be responsible citizens and our workshops encourage everyone to work in teams and demonstrate that they can be effective contributors.

Through our use of robotics, games, quizzes, real stories and role play our unique workshops truly cover so many subject areas so download our curriculum links sheet and find out how we can help every class become Scotland’s Animal Champions.

Incredible impact

Our ongoing collaborative research with the University of Edinburgh helps us ensure that our animal welfare education workshops are effective. We have published research that shows by teaching animal welfare you can have a significant impact on increasing a child’s knowledge about animals, positive attitudes towards animals and influence a child’s belief that animals have feelings. 

Further information

Find out more about our programme in our Prevention through Education Booklet. 


Download our pre-school active learning about animals booklet.