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Psst...Something exciting is
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We have been working on something very exciting and can’t wait to bring it to you soon!

We’re expanding our education offering, so whether you’re in pre-school, primary, secondary, college or university or you just want to learn more about animals and the Scottish SPCA, keep an eye on this page and on our social media channels for announcements. Interested? 

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It’s finally here!

Our first Scottish SPCA Adventure Tails (online learning resource pack) for primary pupils has arrived. Whilst we are not currently visiting schools, we will be releasing free online resources for pupils so we can still support teachers and parents/carers over the coming weeks. So keep checking this page and our social media channels too.

For primary schools

We are so excited to release the Scottish SPCA’s first ever Adventure Tails activity pack and introduce you to Gibson and Martha.

Gibson and Martha

Our booklets are filled with lots of activities that will teach you some amazing facts about the animals we have living here in Scotland.

Want to help Martha, one of our inspectors, and take on the challenge of becoming Scotland’s Animal Champion?

Well, there are five colour stages to complete – Orange, Purple, Pink, Blue and Green. A new colour stage will be released each month so keep an eye out. To be Scotland’s Animal Champion you must complete all coloured booklets in order. The orange booklet will be your first and the green booklet will be your last. You will be awarded a certificate each time you complete a booklet and hopefully you will be crowned as one of Scotland’s Animal Champions!

Psst message to teachers…if at least 50% of the pupils at your school take part, you’ll get the amazing honour of being one of the Scottish SPCA’s School Animal Champions 2020. We have made sure that there are lots of links to the Curriculum for Excellence so that you can be impressed with what your pupils have learned!

We will also be releasing some video blogs and setting up live-chat forums so keep checking our website! So... want to get started?

Click on the images to download your activity pack.

You will see we have Adventure Tails which is for older primary pupils and Adventure Tails Extra for younger primary pupils.

We can’t wait to see all of your creations! If you need any help along the way please contact us and we will soon share details on how you can ask us questions live too.

For nurseries /pre-schools

Not in primary school yet? We also have a nursery/pre-school pack that can be downloaded here.

For secondary schools / colleges / universities

Are you in secondary school, college or university? Are you creative? Do you like sharing your opinion? Do you like to learn new things? If yes, this is for you!

The Scottish SPCA needs to raise public awareness of animal welfare issues to help us protect animals living in Scotland today. Our challenge for you is we want you to imagine you are our newest recruit in the Scottish SPCA's communications team. We need you to decide how you would educate the public about the impact of key issues such as the puppy trade and fireworks on animal welfare in Scotland today. 

We have five topics listed in the Animal Advocates booklet below. In order to achieve the honour of being one of the Scottish SPCA's Animal Champions we would like you to complete public awareness campaigns for at least three of them and share your creations with us. For each topic you will need to do some project planning, conduct some research and create different texts and infographics to convey the required key messages. Be as creative as you like, we have provided you with some key information to help you get started so please download the booklet and good luck!

Click on the image and your pack will download.

Scottish SPCA animal advocates

How else can we help?

If you think of anything else where we can be of assistance please let us know as we are here to support every person and every animal throughout Scotland. You can reach us by emailing