Animal Guardians

Our pioneering Animal Guardians programme launched in 2018

Originally set-up in Edinburgh we work with children who have or are showing behaviour towards animals that is a cause of concern leading to the animal being hurt or indeed the child becoming injured. Our free scheme takes referrals from parents, guardians, social workers, teachers and many other professionals including from organisations that specialise in working with children. 

Our pioneering Animal Guardians programme launched in 2018. Originally set-up in Edinburgh, we work with children who have shown behaviours towards animals that causes concern. For example, this may mean an animal has already been harmed, a child is displaying the potential to harm an animal or that a child could be injured based on the way they may try and interact with an animal.

Throughout the Animal Guardians programme we encourage children to think about and recognise both human and animal emotions. They spend time playing games which focus on what animals need and ultimately how they can be responsible towards the animals they encounter at home, on the street or out in the countryside.

Ultimately we want to nurture their empathetic and compassionate behaviour towards animals (and in turn people). The University of Edinburgh has started evaluating this programme to ensure we are having a meaningful impact and we run ‘stay connected events’ in the school holidays to allow us to stay in touch with those who have been part of the Animal Guardians journey.

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We can now offer our the pioneering programme to children living in over 70% of local authorities in Scotland.

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