Did you know that neutering has lots of benefits for all species of animal? We’ve teamed up with the University of Glasgow to offer a cut-price neutering programme for pet owners.

The reduced cost scheme helps pet owners make big savings. It can cost over £100 to neuter a cat at a vet but we can offer it at the discounted price of £35. For a dog to be neutered, it can cost over £300 at a private vet. Through our project, it costs £75 for a male and £100 a bitch – a saving of well over 60%.

What are the benefits of neutering? 

There’s a whole host of benefits to neutering your animal, including:

  • Helping with temperament, especially in males
  • Stops females coming in to season
  • Eliminates risk of unwanted litters
  • Avoids any complications from pregnancies 
  • Lessens the risk of diseases related to reproduction 
  • Reduces the number of strays

What does it involve?

The neutering procedure will be carried out by University of Glasgow final year Veterinary Medicine students with supervision by a fully qualified vet.

The surgery will take place every Thursday in the veterinary clinic at our centre in Glasgow. Glasgow.

Address: 125 Kinnell Avenue, Cardonald, Glasgow G52 3RY

Phone: 03000 999 999

Who is eligible?

The neutering service is currently open to those living in the G51, G52 and G53 postcode district area of Glasgow. 

There will be no restrictions or specifications for applicants, anyone can apply but it is based on a first come, first served basis.

How do I apply?

You can apply by phoning 0141 810 8092.  Allocation is based on a first come, first served basis.

What do I need to know?

There are some mandatory requirements for your animal going into surgery, such as withholding food for 12 hours before the operation.  You can find all of this information in our terms and conditions.