Our ambitions for 2020 and beyond


Our links to the National Performance Framework

The Scottish Government has developed a National Performance Framework with an aim of getting everyone in Scotland to work together to create a more successful country; give opportunities to all people living in Scotland; increase the wellbeing of people living in Scotland; create sustainable and inclusive growth and reduce inequalities and give equal importance to economic, environmental and social progress.

Values have been set to guide this approach to ensure that as a society in Scotland we treat all our people with kindness, dignity and compassion, we respect the rule of law and we act in an open and transparent way.

To help achieve its purpose, the National Performance Framework sets out ‘national outcomes’ with indicators aligned to each outcome as a tool for measuring impact. These outcomes describe the kind of Scotland it aims to create; reflect the values and aspirations of the people of Scotland; are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and will be used to help to track progress in reducing inequality.

The Scottish SPCA is embracing the National Performance Framework and UN sustainable development goals. We have found that it's a great tool for us to show the world what we actually do. You can see how by watching the animation and downloading our ambitions document.


Download our National Outcomes ambitions document here:


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