South Lanarkshire woman given a five year ban and £600 fine for animal abuse following Scottish SPCA investigation

A 20 year old woman has been given a five year ban and a £600 fine for failing to provide a suitable diet, accommodation and environment for the animals in her care following a Scottish SPCA investigation.

EK 1Mia Connor of Greenhill Court, Rutherglen, though she lived at Rockhampton Avenue in East Kilbride at the time of offence, was sentenced at Hamilton Sheriff Court on 21 February.

Connor pled guilty to causing unnecessary suffering by failing to provide for the animals in her care under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006, Section 19(2)(a)(b) and for failing to provide a suitably clean environment for the animals to live in under Section 24 3 (a) of the Act.

Inspector Jack Marshall said, “This is a case of animal neglect which led to unnecessary suffering and stress to the multiple animals in Connor’s care, sadly resulting in the death of a bearded dragon and a gecko.

“We responded to a call from the police who had attended Connor’s property and found several animals in poor bodily condition.  The living conditions within the house were horrific.

“The animals involved were a tabby and white cat called Nemo, a white cat named MJ, a tan and white collie dog called Luka and a presa-canario cross called Hulk.  All of these animals were incredibly underweight, especially Luka.

“Upon entering the property, there was an overpowering smell of faeces and urine and the whole house appeared to be strewn with rubbish.  As we entered each room, they were covered in varying levels of rubbish and each room had faeces in it, several excessively.

EK 2

“While searching the rest of the rooms, I discovered two vivariums with what appeared to be two deceased bearded dragons and a deceased gecko inside.  There was no light, heat source or water in either vivarium.  When trying to remove the reptiles, there was slight movement from one of the bearded dragons, Cheech, who was immediately taken for veterinary attention.  He was found to have hypothermia and severe dehydration. 

“Upon veterinary examination, the deceased reptiles were too desiccated and decomposed for any accurate post mortem conclusion.

“Hulk was contained in a bedroom upstairs and when I entered, he was desperate to get out of the room.  He was also in a very lean body condition.  This room had an overwhelming stench of excrement and urine.

“The animals were transported immediately to the vet and upon examination all were found to be emaciated and dehydrated.  Both dogs were given a body score of 2/5.  Hulk had a very marked and generalised skin disease which appeared to have had very little treatment.  Luka’s coat was in very poor condition and smelled strongly of urine.

“Both cats had evidence of flea infestation.

“Veterinary examination found this to be marked neglect over an extended period of time, for all of the animals, comprising deprivation of the most basic requirements for life, namely food and water.  The timescale involved can’t be given precisely but would be expected to be over several weeks.

“Failing to provide for these animals clearly resulted in an unacceptable degree of unnecessary suffering and stress to all the animals involved.

“We welcome the result of this case and the sentence that has passed down.  This is a very sad case that could have easily been avoided with proper care. 

“If anyone has any information or concerns regarding the welfare of an animal then please contact our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999 to provide more details.”