Scottish SPCA to expand reduced cost neutering trial

The Scottish SPCA is delighted to announce its going be expanding its reduced cost neutering trial.  It will now be offered beyond the G52 postcode area of Glasgow to include the G51 and G53 catchment.

NeuteringIn association with the University of Glasgow, we have been offering neutering at a reduced cost to normal veterinary practice prices.  The neutering procedure has been carried out by University of Glasgow final year Veterinary Medicine students with supervision by a fully qualified vet.

Our chief veterinary officer Ian Futter said, ““We are so pleased at the response the neutering trial has had in the G52 area.

“It has been welcomed by the local community and we are delighted to be extending it to the G51 and G53 areas.

“We are proud to be offering this service with the University of Glasgow.

“The initiative has been incredibly beneficial as an important educational practice for the University of Glasgow students who have been undertaking the surgeries. 

“The price of getting a cat neutered at a vet could cost over £100 and a dog could cost up to £300 but we are offering a rate of £35 for a cat, £75 for a male dog and £100 for a bitch.”

“There are no restrictions on who can apply but it is based on a first come, first served basis.  It’s designed to allow everyone to be able to neuter their pet and not be intimidated by veterinary costs.”

You can find out more and see the terms and conditions by visiting or you can apply for the service by phoning 0141 810 8092.

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