Scottish SPCA appeal to kind-hearted people in Dunbartonshire to donate dog lick

The Scottish SPCA is appealing to animal lovers in Dunbartonshire to donate dog lick for the dogs currently being cared for at their centre on Dumbarton Road.

Dog lickWe are currently caring for 36 dogs at our animal rescue and rehoming centre in Milton.

Manager of the centre Judy Button said, “We have already cared for 74 dogs this year and we are always looking for fun, safe ways to keep them entertained.

“We have attached frisbees to the kennels and plan to cover them in dog lick as a fun way to keep them amused.

“Some dogs find kennel life quite daunting and we want to make their time with us as mentally stimulating and enjoyable as possible until they find their loving forever home.

“We hope kind-hearted locals will get behind our appeal as it would make lots of dogs very happy.

“If anyone wants to donate to our centre they can do so by dropping by anytime between 10am and 4pm (closed Tuesday).”

Donations can be sent via our Amazon Wishlist: or handed in to our centre in Dumbarton at Dumbarton Road, Milton G82 2UA.

Dog rescued by the Scottish SPCA with new family

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