Scottish SPCA appeal for information after picking up heavily pregnant cat in Dunfermline and injured cat in Livingston

The Scottish SPCA is appealing for information after picking up a heavily pregnant cat in Dunfermline and an injured cat in the Craigshill area of Livingston.

Dunfermline cat (1)

We are keen to track down the owners of the cats.  

Inspector Nicola Liddell said: “A member of the public contacted us to report the pregnant cat in Dunfermline after it had been seen straying in the area for over a week and they had concerns about her condition given she is expecting a litter of kittens.

“The animal care team at our rescue and rehoming centre in Angus are taking good care of her, but we would like to speak with her owner as we are concerned she may have been abandoned.”

Chief inspector for Edinburgh and the Lothians Paul Anderson said: “Whilst the cat who was found in Livingston appears to have been struck by a car, the injuries she’s carrying are not serious and her wounds are healing.

“She has some missing hair and raw flesh on her left fore and right hind leg but it is difficult to spot her injuries until you pick her up. She is recovering well in our care and doesn’t require any veterinary treatment.

“Though she isn’t microchipped, we are confident she has an owner given how friendly she is and we are hopeful we can reunite her with whoever is missing her.”

If you recognise either of these cats or have any information, please contact our animal helpline on 03000 999 999. 

Scottish SPCA volunteer with rescue cat


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