Red squirrel siblings are surviors

Jar Jar and BinksTwo helpless red squirrel siblings found in Perthshire are recovering in the Scottish SPCA's care.

We were alerted after the five week old kits were discovered in Blairgowrie on Thursday (19 March).

The squirrels, one male and one female, are now being looked after at our National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Clackmannanshire, where staff have named them Jar Jar and Binks.

Centre manager Colin Seddon said, "A couple found Jar Jar and Binks on the ground so it's most likely they fell from their nest in a tree.

"Their mother may have been moving them when they fell by accident and hasn't come back for them, possibly because there were people around.

"Jar Jar and Binks are doing well in our care. Our head of small mammals, Eve Smaller, has been taking the pair home in the evenings to syringe feed them through the night.

"When they are old enough to take solid food we'll move them to one of our outdoor enclosures.

"It's good that they have come in together as this will help their development before their return to the wild.

"We are having a bit of a Star Wars theme this season, hence the names.

"Ewok, our first red squirrel orphan of the year, has made a fantastic recovery. She's now outside with another kit of a similar age named Chewbacca and they'll both be ready for release soon.

"If anyone finds a baby red squirrel in distress we would urge them to call us on 03000 999 999."


Bird rescued by the Scottish SPCA being fed

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