Help feed a hedgehog

The Scottish SPCA is appealing to wildlife enthusiasts to help feed the 155 hedgehogs currently being rehabilitated at their National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fishcross.

Hedgehog foodWe have seen an influx of hogs after being alerted to a number of them in need of help.

Centre Manager Colin Seddon is appealing to the kind hearted public to donate. He said, “Hedgehogs should be hibernating at this time of year but there will be some out there who won't survive without help. We’ve seen an increase in the number we are caring for since last year and these extra mouths to feed can put a strain on our food supplies.

“We would really appreciate any donations of dog/cat food to our centre to help rehabilitate these hedgehogs and release them back into the wild.

“We use Pedigree Chum puppy food and Chappie for specific casualties but we can use any tins or sachets of dog/cat food.”

Buddy the hedgehog is one of the casualties the charity is currently caring for at the centre.

Colin said, “Buddy arrived into our care after being found outside during the day at the beginning of December.

“Once Buddy was uncurled we found that he had a seriously injured pelvis. He has been responding well to treatment and now, a month later, he is moving more normally and we are hopeful that he will make a full recovery.”

Colin added, “We would be particularly concerned if a hedgehog is out during the day at this time of year and would urge anyone who finds one to call our animal helpline so we can come and collect it.

“They should try to contain it by picking it up using gardening gloves or a thick towel and placing it in a secure box. It can then be left with fresh water and tinned cat food until we arrive.

“Hedgehogs will struggle in the cold, so if anyone spots one during the freezing winter weather they should call us immediately.

“The hedgehogs currently being rehabilitated here will be released back into the wild once they achieve a suitable weight of over 600g and there is a consistent night time temperature of over four degrees centigrade.

“We’re sure those interested in wildlife would like to play their part in helping the rehabilitation of hedgehogs.”

Donations can be donated via our Amazon wish list here or handed into the centre in Fishcross, Clackmannanshire FK10 3AN.

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