Frost warning for hedgehogs

The Scottish SPCA is currently caring for two young hedgehogs found in Alloa.

hedgehogsWe were alerted to the discovery of the two hedgehogs who were seen in a member of the public’s garden during the day.

Centre Manager Colin Seddon said, “Hedgehogs are nocturnal and it’s very unusual for them to be out and about in the day time. If you do see a hedgehog out during the day please call our animal helpline as they are likely in need of some help.

“Hansel and Gretel, the pair rescued on Saturday, were extremely underweight when they came into our National Wildlife Rescue Centre at Fishcross. They are far too small to survive hibernation and luckily were spotted by a member of the public. They’ll remain in our care until they are at least 600g and have the best chance of survival back in the wild.

“Hansel and Gretel are two of over 100 hedgehogs currently being cared for at our National Wildlife Rescue Centre.

“This time of year is particularly dangerous for hedgehogs, and we urge people to check amongst undergrowth, in log piles, compost heaps and so on before carrying out any gardening. It’s also vital that anyone planning on having bonfires this year checks them before lighting as hedgehogs may view them as a convenient new home!”

Anyone who discovers an injured or distressed wild animal should call our animal helpline on 03000 999 999.

Bird rescued by the Scottish SPCA being fed

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