Deer becoming lost in Edinburgh

The Scottish SPCA is asking dog owners in Edinburgh to keep their pets under control after rescuing several deer in the Corstorphine area.

Deer 2We recently rescued a deer which had become trapped on a disused piece of land and it is believed she may have been scared off her home on Corstorphine Hill by a dog which was off its lead.

Animal Rescue Officer Steph Grant said, "The deer had managed to get into the disused piece of land but the walls were too high for her to get back out again.

"A team of our staff had to help round up the deer so they could release her at a safe spot. Had we not helped she would have died.

"This has now happened in the area several times in recent months and we believe the deer are being chased from their home on Corstorphine Hill, possibly by dogs who are off the lead.

"In one case a deer was running loose and could have caused an accident on the busy Corstorphine Road.

"We are asking pet owners to bear this in mind if they walk their dog in this area."

Anyone who discovers an injured or distressed wild animal should call our animal helpline on 03000 999 999.

Bird rescued by the Scottish SPCA being fed

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