Body of dog found in Falkirk

The Scottish SPCA is appealing for information after the body of a dog was discovered in a Falkirk canal with its legs tied together, being weighed down by a rock.

dogWe were alerted when the spaniel type dog was taken to a local vet and will now receive a post mortem to confirm the cause of death.

An undercover inspector said, “We’ve been unable to determine if the dog was dead before being placed in the water and would urge anyone who noticed anything suspicious, or recognises the dog, to get in touch with our animal helpline in strict confidence.

“If anyone in the area is missing a dog fitting this description we would urge them to get in contact with us.”

Anyone with information is being urged to contact our animal helpline on 03000 999 999.

Dog rescued by the Scottish SPCA with new family

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