Research on the effects of puppy farming on dog behaviour

Puppy farming is illegal in the UK. High demand for designer dogs has led to illegal breeding and importation of puppies for the pet trade.

A recent study conducted by the Scottish SPCA and the University of Edinburgh has confirmed that dogs from puppy farms exhibit significantly higher rates of undesirable behaviours than dogs from other breeding sources, particularly relating to fear, anxiety and aggression.

They are also more likely to have genetic disorders and/or carry infectious diseases such as parvovirus, an often fatal condition which can cost up to £4,000 to treat.

Key findings

Puppy farming infographic

The impact of the dog trade on canine welfare

We brought together experts from across the UK on 9 November at our K9 Conference in partnership with the University of Edinburgh’s Clinical and Health Psychology department. The aim of this conference was to help produce a strategy to combat the puppy trade and the illegal import of dogs.

Information about what was discussed at our K9 conference can be downloaded HERE.

Multi-agency input is essential to bringing an end to the suffering of hundreds and thousands of dogs.

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French bulldog

Fighting the illegal puppy trade

Puppies are in pain and suffering all over Scotland. Together, we can be there to pick up the pieces and help prevent more suffering.