Fireworks awareness

The Scottish SPCA is asking animal lovers across Scotland to help put an end to needless suffering. Every year, thousands of animals suffer stress and anxiety caused by the use of fireworks.

fireworks posterWe understand the joy of fireworks events and displays; however we believe that this joy shouldn’t be at the expense of our beloved pets and wildlife.

How can you help?

We believe public awareness is at the heart of the solution. Please don’t be the reason that your neighbour’s dog suffers severe stress and anxiety, or your local farm animals startle and get into trouble in their moment of panic.

Every year our animal helpline receives hundreds of calls related to fireworks and animal abuse, or from concerned callers seeking advice regarding their own pets. According to research 45% of dogs show signs of fear when they hear fireworks.

Top tips for fireworks night:

  • Bring any animals you have indoors and ensure they are comfortable and warm. Perhaps play the radio to try to dull the sounds of fireworks.
  • If you have purchased fireworks for your own display, please inform your neighbours so they can take the necessary precautions to limit the exposure to their pets.
  • Be considerate – check your garden for any unsuspecting wildlife and clear away all debris caused by your fireworks.
  • If you see anyone using fireworks with the intent to cause harm, report them to the police.
  • Attend organised displays only and help limit the number of events taking place across Scotland.

To request a poster please contact our fundraising team on 03000 999 999 (option 4) or email

How Can I Help?

The Scottish Government are currently looking for the opinon of members of the public on the availability and use of fireworks.  We would urge you to have your say here

Dog rescued by the Scottish SPCA with new family

Please help

You can help save abused, abandoned and injured animals in Scotland by making a monthly donation to the Scottish SPCA