Lizard killed in kitchen blender highlights importance of early years animal welfare education

Following a Police Scotland investigation with assistance from the Scottish SPCA two men have pled guilty at Banff Sheriff Court to causing a lizard unnecessary suffering by placing it in a blender.

badgeSentence was deferred for three months with the Sheriff suggesting that the young men should contact the Scottish SPCA to volunteer to show that they are remorseful.

While we will engage with these men, given the horrific nature of the crime, we do not feel it is appropriate for the men to volunteer with the Society.  

This case highlights the importance of preventing cruelty to animals in the first instance to try and avoid terrible situations like this.

The Society aims to educate all primary school children through our free ‘Prevention through Education’ programme as we believe that education may hold the key to preventing animal cruelty.

We actively encourage and promote positive pet care behaviour as we know that by encouraging children to take an active caring role for pets we can promote child wellbeing and animal welfare.

Preventing cruelty to animals is at the heart of our work and we are making a huge difference by encouraging children to treat animals with the care and respect they deserve.

Research has demonstrated that there is a link between cruelty to animals and violence towards humans, particularly among children and young people.

Our Inspectors encounter cases where animals are deliberately deprived of food, water, socialisation or veterinary care. They meet people who maliciously torture, maim, mutilate and kill animals. People who kick, beat, stab, strangle, burn and hang animals.

Instances such as this, where an animal has been maliciously attacked, are very worrying and it's vital that we prevent these crimes.

Schools wishing to book a free Prevention through Education visit or for further information please visit or call the Scottish SPCA Education Team on 03000 999 999.

Scottish SPCA Inspector with school children

Prevention through Education

Our free Prevention through Education programme for Scottish primary schools reaches more than 275,000 children every year.

We passionately believe our programme will have a huge and positive impact on animal welfare in Scotland for generations to come.

The results have been immediate, with fewer children being involved in animal cruelty.

Find out more about our programme.