The Scottish SPCA is seeking a Staffie Ever After for Naomi

We are seeking a Staffie Ever After for Naomi, a five year old Staffordshire bull terrier who is currently in the care of our Aberdeen rescue and rehoming centre.

NaomiWe are appealing for patient dog lovers who have room in their homes and hearts for a new Staffie companion.

Naomi has been in the care of the Aberdeen centre for a staggering 242 days.

Graeme Innes, manager of the centre said, “Naomi is a fantastic Staffie who has unfortunately not had the best luck in finding her forever home. She is enjoying her time with her Scottish SPCA family but is ready to fly the nest and have a place she can call home.

“When Naomi arrived in our care she was a bit shy and took a wee while to come out of her shell which makes how she is now even more special! You will be bonded for life once she lets you in.

“Naomi enjoys the company of people more so than other animals and is often overlooked due to this fact. She has bloomed into a wonderful dog and would make a great addition to an experienced home that has all the time in the world to give her plenty of exercise and fun.

“Her most favourite thing to do is to run around with her teddies in her mouth, occasionally coming back for a belly rub then repeating the whole process!

“It’s great to see Naomi building up trust with people and things will need to be taken slowly in her new home to allow her the best possible chance to settle.

“If you let Naomi into your life you will forget what the world was like before she arrived and it will be all for the better!”

If you’re interested in offering beautiful Naomi a home, please contact the centre in Aberdeen on 03000 999 999 to find out more.

Dog rescued by the Scottish SPCA with new family

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