Scottish SPCA visits Flora Stevenson Primary School

The Scottish SPCA visited Flora Stevenson Primary School in Stockbridge in Edinburgh on Wednesday 31 May!

Flora StevensonWe speak to around 300,000 children a year through our highly interactive “Prevention through Education” programme.

Education Officer Lee Williams said, “Preventing cruelty to animals is at the heart of our work and we believe we can make a huge difference by encouraging children to treat animals with the care and respect they deserve.

“The programme has been designed to fit in with the Curriculum for Excellence and the response we’ve had has been fantastic. The children all really enjoy our talks and interactive workshops and it’s great to see them getting involved and excited about animal welfare.

“Our hands on programme encourages children to think about what animals need and they learn how they can be responsible towards the animals they come across including pet, farm or wild animals.

“In the last five years we’ve seen a 382% increase in the number of calls to our animal helpline from children reporting injured wildlife or cases of neglect.”

Schools wishing to book a free Prevention through Education visit or for further information please visit or call our Education Team on 03000 999 999.

School girl with Scottish SPCA helmet on

Education programme

We spoke to more than 270,000 children in 2017 through our Prevention through Eduation programme