Scottish SPCA seeking loving homes for fun-filled ferrets in Ayrshire

The Scottish SPCA is seeking loving homes for three ferrets residing in their Ayrshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

Ferret 1

We have been caring for the ferrets for 491 days in total.

Manager of the centre, Marion Hainey, said, “These three have been with us for a lengthy period so we are desperate to find their forever homes.

“The ferrets are called Dec, Brian and Ozzy. They will need separate homes.

“They are playful, fun and love their cosy beds.

“A new owner will need to provide plenty of toys to keep their minds occupied and a nice big space to get plenty of exercise. 

“They could potentially go to a home with existing ferrets as long as the males are neutered.

“An experienced home would suit them best.

“They are adorable and we can’t understand why there’s been no interest so far.

“We’re hoping someone reads this who has room in their home and heart for one of these boys.”

Anyone who is interested in meeting Dec, Brian or Ozzy should contact our centre in Ayrshire on 03000 999 999.


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