Scottish SPCA seek home for super Steve the cockerel

The Scottish SPCA is seeking a forever home for Steve, a beautiful cockerel who has been looking for his new home for 92 days.

SteveLynda Hourston, assistant manager of the rescue centre in Ayrshire said, “Poor Steve has been in our care since March with no interest.

“He was brought in as a stray and may even have been kicked out of his old home.

“Steve is a lovely, ‘hendsome’, friendly boy and is really ‘eggcited’ about the idea of having a new forever home. 

“His ‘pros-peck-tive’ owners would need to have suitable accommodation to keep him in, ideally with some lovely hens to keep him company so he can dance ‘chick-to-chick’ with them.

“He likes nothing more than to comb his feathers and strut his stuff, his favourite treats are mealworm. 

“Steve has had enough of being lonely and desperately wants to come home to roost with a loving family.”

Anyone who can offer Steve a home should contact our centre in Ayrshire on 03000 999 999.