Scottish SPCA launches appeal after taking in over 275 hedgehogs

The Scottish SPCA is appealing for urgent help feeding the high volume of hedgehogs in their care.


In September, 278 hedgehogs were admitted to our National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Clackmannanshire. With 939 admissions in total in September, hedgehogs made up over a quarter of all animals coming in.

To cope with this demand, we have  launched an appeal for tinned dog food to feed the hungry hogs.

Sharon Comrie, superintendent for the Scottish SPCA’s animal rescue and rehoming centres, said: “At any given time we care for a high volume of hedgehogs, but the influx over the month of September has been extreme. We expect the numbers to increase significantly in October.

“It is now the time of year when hedgehogs should be preparing for hibernation, though some that are from late litters may not yet have the necessary body fat stored up to survive hibernating right through winter.

“Due to the time of year these hedgehogs have arrived, we’ll need to provide daily care until the worst of winter has passed and they can reach a suitable body weight to be safely released. This puts us under a massive amount of pressure to cope with the demand for food.”

Last year, we cared for 1,387 hedgehogs and in a typical year the wildlife centre cares for almost 10,000 wild animals.

Donations can be handed in to the centre located at Fishcross, FK10 3AN. People can also buy food from our Amazon wishlist here.

Scottish SPCA volunteer with rescue cat


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