Scottish SPCA getting ready to release a group of foxes

The Scottish SPCA is getting ready to release a group of foxes from their National Wildlife Rescue Centre.

husky and akitaCentre manager Colin Seddon said, “Husky and Akita came to our wildlife facilities in Fishcross as fox cubs and were reared together before being introduced to six other foxes.

“Husky was found at the side of the road in Hamilton at the beginning of March. The tiny cub was mistaken for a puppy at only a week old.

“Akita came into our care at the end of March when he was roughly 4 weeks old. He was found under a car in Glasgow and we suspect that he was dropped by his mother whilst being moved.”

Colin added, “They’re now in the final stages of rehabilitation and have been moved into a natural outdoor paddock. It is in the natural enclosure that they complete their transition from being hand reared to totally wild before their eventual release into the wild. We are hoping to release them at the end of summer onto land with the landowners permission.

“We would advise people living in more rural locations to leave cubs alone and check on them after a couple of hours as their mother may return for them.

“Vixens will often move their cubs from one earth to another and if they are disturbed they’ll leave the cubs and come back for them later.

“Often, vixens will not live in the same earth as her cubs and will only return at night to feed them.

“Anyone who discovers an injured or distressed wild animal should call our animal helpline on 03000 999 999 for advice.”

Scottish SPCA Wildlife Assistant with deer fawns

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