Scottish SPCA delighted to have found Rebel’s forever home after almost a year

The Scottish SPCA is delighted to have found a forever home for Rebel, a five year old Jack Russel, who spent 356 days in the care of its Aberdeenshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

Rebel (1)Rebel came into our care with a severe skin condition and after receiving the necessary treatment, found his forever home with David Lorimer and Laura Hopkins.

Centre Manager Graeme Innes said, “Rebel arrived in our care suffering from a very bad case of demodex mange, a severe and very uncomfortable skin condition which can lead to other complications.

“In the beginning, Rebel shuddered at any human interaction but in time he soon learned that we were helping him and would greet us with his big cheeky smile.

“A normal day consisted of medicated baths, ear and eye cleans and oral treatments, followed by a big run around with his toys.  This soon became routine for him and he loved attention.

Graeme continued, “It was a long road for Rebel and our team but we finally got his issues under control and he was ready to fly the nest.

“After 356 days in our care, Rebel found his forever home with David and Laura and he couldn’t be happier.  He still has issues with his skin but is continuing his treatments and is thriving in his new home. His family adore him as much as he loves them.

“The whole team at the centre miss him but are over the moon seeing him in his new home and enjoying life.”

Rebel’s new owners, David Lorimer and Laura Hopkins, said, “In the short time Rebel has been with us, he has become a big part of the family.

“It didn't take him long to settle down into family life. Rebel loves to be cosy and has a favourite blanket and place to sleep.

“He loves going out on walks and enjoys playing with his toys.  We couldn’t be happier he is in our lives.”

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