Record number of wild animals released by Scottish SPCA

Last year we returned a record number of wildlife casualties back to their natural habitats!

UtahWe released 4,651 wild animals fit and healthy in 2015, which is a huge leap from the 1,881 released in 2010.

Colin Seddon, manager of our National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fishcross, spoke at the launch of our annual Wildlife Week which runs from the 25-31 July.

He said, “Last year we were able to rescue and release more animals back to the wild than ever before. This was a 147% increase on 2010’s figures which is quite incredible.

“The significant rise is partly due to our relocation in 2012 to our National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fishcross from our former site in Dunfermline, which was being stretched to cope with the volume and diversity of animals we were rescuing.

“The £3.5 million development which was funded entirely by donations allows us to care for more sick, injured and orphaned wild animals than ever before.

“There is also an increased awareness among the Scottish public about how we can help sick, injured and orphaned wildlife, resulting in more people calling our helpline when they come across a distressed wild animal, and we’ve invested significantly in our frontline staff so we now have even more officers to respond to call-outs.

“Releasing wild animals fit and healthy back to their natural habitats is always our aim wherever possible so these statistics is incredibly encouraging.

“At Fishcross we benefit from on-site veterinary facilities which means we don’t have to move animals once they are here, keeping human interaction and stress to an absolute minimum.

“Our staff provide a very high standard of care for Scotland’s wildlife and we are tremendously proud of our progress."

One of those animals release back into the wild was Utah, a three week old fox cub, who was found by a member of public on a road in Lanarkshire. It was believed she may have been dropped by her mother accidently while she was moving her. The orphan was introduced to another fox cub of a similar age which helped her develop the type of behaviour needed to fend for herself in her natural habitat.

Utah was released back into the wild when she was at the right age and stage to survive on her own.

Scottish SPCA Wildlife Assistant with deer fawns

Wildlife rescue

Every year the Scottish SPCA rescues thousands of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

In 2017 we cared for over 9,600 wild animals - a new record!

We help every kind of wild animal in Scotland and are the only national animal welfare charity which rescues birds.

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