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We need you to help us be there 365 days a year this Scottish Animal Week


The Scottish SPCA is delighted to celebrate Scottish Animal Week 2022.

We host the week annually in September, and this year we are taking the opportunity to celebrate being there for Scotland’s animals 365 days a year.

Scottish Animal Week will run from 23 to 29 September, and we hope to raise vital funds over the week by asking the public to sign up to a 365 challenge.

The public will have the choice between taking on a gaming, fitness or DIY challenge where they can choose to fundraise in any way they like! They can also choose to pledge to take on a 365 challenge over the next year.

We could not be there all year round without the public’s crucial support.

Thanks to our supporters, in the last 365 days we have cared for 5,540 domestic animals across our nine animal rescue and rehoming centres.

We were successfully able to remove 1,682 animals from situations where they were being mistreated or neglected, found temporary foster homes for 68 animals, and found loving forever homes for 3,491 animals like Labrador pups, Angus and Ted.

Scottish SPCA Glasgow centre manager, Anna O’Donnell, said, “Angus, Ted and their sibling came in to the care of our Glasgow centre after they were found abandoned at the side of a road in Renfrew.

“On arrival the pups were passing blood and one in particular looked more lethargic than the others.

“After running tests, it was confirmed that they all had parvovirus. We also received information that someone had bought a pup from the same litter that had sadly died from the virus, so it is believed that they were dumped by a low-welfare dealer due to having symptoms.

“Heartbreakingly, despite the best efforts of our animal care assistants and vets we sadly lost the one of the pups to the illness.

“We are delighted to report that Angus and Ted made a full recovery and have now found loving new homes.”


We have also cared for 6,542 wild animals at our dedicated National Wildlife Rescue Centre, like Peanut, Pecan, Poppy and Pumpkin the red squirrels.

Scottish SPCA National Wildlife Rescue Centre manager, Chris Hogsden, said, “Peanut, Pecan and Poppy are three red squirrel siblings who were found alone at around two to three weeks old. They were so young that their eyes had not yet opened.

“Pumpkin was found in another area, at around four weeks old, with her eyes just about open.

“Due to being so close in age, we grouped them together for their rehabilitation.

“All four squirrels were hand-reared by one of our dedicated team members for around five weeks.

“This involved round-the-clock care, feeding them every three hours, even through the night.

“At around nine weeks old, they were weaned on to a solid diet of nuts, seeds and fruit and were moved in to our aviary for a further month before they were ready to be released.

“They were successfully released in an area that already had red squirrels living there. This large habitat was ideal as support feeding is in place as well as post release monitoring so that we can ensure Peanut, Pecan, Poppy and Pumpkin thrive.

“We are always thrilled when wild animals are successfully rehabilitated and released back in to the wild where they belong.”


The Scottish SPCA is proud to be there for animals like Angus, Ted, Peanut, Pecan, Poppy and Pumpkin 365 days a year. From hamsters to horses and every animal in between, their dedicated teams work tirelessly to give Scotland’s animals the best chance at a happy and healthy life.

The Society could not do this without the amazing support of animal lovers across Scotland.

People can find out more about taking on a 365 fundraising challenge to support Scotland’s animals this Scottish Animal Week here:




If anyone is concerned about an animal, please do not hesitate to contact our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.

We need your support. From as little as £1, you can save lives.

Please support the Scottish SPCA today.