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#VolunteersWeek 2021: Wildlife driver


This #VolunteersWeek 2021 we are celebrating our wonderful volunteers who do a variety of roles across the Society.

Jacqueline is a wildlife driver based in Fife and transports sick and injured animals in the Fife and central area to our National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Clackmannanshire. Jacqueline spent 29 years working in the prison service and has had various volunteering roles in the past but always wanted to get back in to animal care.

Jacqueline said: “I’ve always had rescue pets and one of my previous cats was from the Scottish SPCA. I currently have an elderly rescue cat who is now 17 and set in her ways but we get along just fine.

“I took (very) early retirement in November 2020 after 29 years in a stressful environment, and was looking for something to keep me occupied with the things I love to do and enjoy.

“I have always been involved in volunteering in different capacities for over 30 years. Having worked a couple of seasons as a countryside ranger 30 years ago I decided to apply to the Scottish SPCA for a volunteer driver post. This way I would be able to help with my love of animals, meet new people, and of course chat..!

“I am a bit wobbly with gulls, pigeons and crows, anyone who knows me know they give me the wobbles. Give me a raptor, an owl, slugs, snails, snakes and lizards before a pigeon any day lol. I’ve got a bit of a thing for badgers, I would love to be involved in the rescue of one.

“I’m told that my baking is already legendary among my colleagues, I do love to bring a wee something in when I’m volunteering. My granny was a baker and I learned from her and I really enjoy it. My current favourite is an apple, cinnamon and sultana loaf. It’s delicious.

“What I love about the Scottish SPCA is that there is always someone around who can help me. No one judges you and it’s like a happy wee family. I feel I am giving something back to the community by being involved with the Scottish SPCA as we are a nation of animal lovers.”




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