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Tulip's rehoming tail


Tulip the rabbit was in the care of our centre in Aberdeenshire for over a year after she was seized at a puppy farm.

Her moody temperament made it harder for us to find her the right home, however she finally found a patient and understanding forever home with Tracy.

Tracy had to feed Tulip and clean out her area wearing suede fireside gloves and using rubber tipped kitchen tongs to help pick up items like her feed bowl and litter tray, as she had a bad habit of jumping at hands which is thought to be the result of her being hand fed at some point.

Tulip also now has a bunny boyfriend, Toppo, and they have a whole paddock to run around in together! It took a while for Tulip to come around to Toppo, and for the first two weeks they were kept in a large walk-in shower room so she could see him but not get too close.

But Tulip soon warmed to him, and she now loves the joy of space and interacting with her bunny bestie.

Tulip and Toppo

She spends her days charging around doing huge jumps that we are told are magic to see. She is much more relaxed now that she has outdoor access but she is still unsure of people and other animals and will show this with a growl.

Tracy tells us that despite her naughty habits, Tulip has come such a long way. She describes her as intelligent, inquisitive and fearless…but above all else, happy.




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