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Toby's rehoming 'tail'

Toby the dog

Toby came into the care of our Ayshire centre in December 2020, after a change in circumstances. 

 After such a dramatic change in his life, Toby was very nervous and reactive when he first arrived. It took him a while to get used to his new surroundings and the kennel environment. 

 Toby needed a lot of time and patience from our dedicated animal care staff to make him feel secure and safe, and earn his trust.

 It took staff members five months to make him feel comfortable and confident when being around people, meeting other animals whilst on his lead, walking with other dogs, and muzzle training. They were so happy to see his overall behaviour and happiness improve.  

 When Toby’s new owners came to meet him for the first time in May it was amazing to see how quickly they clicked together, like it was just meant to be. 

 He settled so quickly in to his new home, and we were so happy to be sent pictures of him enjoying lots of cuddles.





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