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Three year ban for dog neglect

Three year ban for dog neglect

An Alloa woman has been given a three year disqualification order from owning or keeping dogs following a Scottish SPCA investigation.

Lorna Wood, 34, of Deerpark in Alloa was sentenced at Alloa Sheriff Court on Monday 15 May.

Wood pled guilty to causing unnecessary suffering by failing to provide adequate nutrition resulting in lost body weight and failure to provide adequate care and treatment for the two dogs, Maisie and Lola, in her care.

Commenting on the investigation and court case, Scottish SPCA Inspector Louise Seddon said, “Maisie, the Border collie, was extremely thin under her coat and I could only feel bones rather than fat or muscle. All of Lola’s bones were visible, to the extent that her head looked too big for her body.

“After being taken to the vets it was revealed that both dogs weighed only 13.2kg, when they should have both weighed around 20kg. Although it was difficult to pin point an exact time frame as to how long they had been suffering, the vet confirmed that they had a lack of food for a number weeks.

“Whilst in our care it became clear to us that Maisie and Lola were simply not being fed as they quickly put on a significant amount of weight when they were fed adequately.

“We are delighted that Wood has been dealt with by the courts and hope she will give serious consideration to her ability to care for animals in the future.”

Anyone concerned about the welfare of an animal should contact our animal helpline on 03000 999 999.