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Scottish SPCA launch new investigation after dog biscuits found laced with pins in Anderston

Pins in dog biscuit

The Scottish SPCA has launched a new investigation after dog biscuits were found laced with pins in the Anderston area of Glasgow on 24 June.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity has been alerted to numerous incidents in the same area since March 2018. The biscuits have all been discovered in the Dorset Square area which is just off Dorset Street.  

Scottish SPCA inspector Friel said, “We are thankful that no animal has been harmed and we are grateful to the vigilant members of the community who have continuously alerted us to these incidents.

“This is the seventh report we have received of dog biscuits with harmful materials in. Previously biscuits have been found embedded with nails and needles.

Where the biscuit was found

“We would ask everyone in the area to be alert, especially those who walk their dogs in the area. To keep pets safe, we would urge people to keep their dogs on a lead.

“There is no doubt that this is a calculated act to deliberately harm an animal. This is an offence punishable by law. We are working closely with Police Scotland to find the person responsible.

“Someone knows something and we are desperate to put a stop to this. Whoever is behind this seems intent on injuring, or killing, an animal.

Dog biscuit laced with nails

“If anyone has any information on these incidences or sees anything suspicious, please report it immediately to Police Scotland on 101 or our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”