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Scottish SPCA issues appeal for food for dogs in Lanarkshire

Labradoodles in the care of our Lanarkshire Centre

We are appealing to animal lovers to donate much needed dog food to our Lanarkshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

We are in need of Chappie complete biscuit dog food to feed labradoodles in our care, who the public may remember were found dumped on the side of the A68 near Jedburgh at the end of August.

Centre manager Gillian Boyle said, “We are appealing for Chappie complete biscuit dog food for labradoodles who are currently in the care of our Lanarkshire centre.

“We are still caring eight out of the ten dogs who came to us at the end of August in appalling condition. They were filthy, matted and so weak from malnourishment. The poor pups were also extremely nervous.

“I’m happy to report that they are all doing well since coming to us in such a bad state, and some have even found the loving forever homes they deserve.

“Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic we are closed to the public but we can accept donations sent directly to us from Amazon or any other online retailer with a delivery service.

“We can also accept donations of items via the donation bins outside the centre.

“We understand that times are difficult just now but if anyone can help us care for these pups, we would be so thankful for anything that people can spare.”

Chappie complete biscuit dog food and other items the centre are in need of can be purchased from the centre’s Amazon wishlist here: