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Scottish SPCA issue appeal for owner after kittens found in bag in Edinburgh

kittens found in edinburgh

The Scottish SPCA has issued an appeal after two kittens were found dumped inside a bag in Edinburgh on 8 October.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity was alerted to the animals by Vets for Pets in Dundee when a member of the public handed them in after finding them near Scotmid on Moredun Park Road in the Gilmerton area of Edinburgh.

Scottish SPCA animal rescue officer Zoe Paul said “The two kittens are around five or six months old and were found in the early hours of the morning inside a red fabric cat carrier.

cats in carrier

“The member of the public who found them heard the kittens crying and noticed the bag moving.

“They were distressed and cold when they were found. No food or water had been left for them.

“One kitten is male and one is female and they are both black and white. Aside from the initial distress caused by their abandonment they appear to be in good health.

“Although we appreciate that the owner may have intended the kittens to be found, this is not the correct procedure to follow if you wish to give up an animal for rehoming.

“We are keen to trace the owner of these animals. If anyone recognises these kittens, please contact our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”